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Sunday, 1 January 2017

2016 Makeup Favorites

For my first blog post I thought it was only right to do a 2016 Beauty favourites (original right?). I have written 3 posts all relating to my 2016 beauty favourites including Makeup, Haircare & Skincare. These products have really stood out for me this year, I like SO many products but its extremly rare I LOVE products and use them continuously all year. I have rifled through my extensive makeup collection and picked out my 'If I were to be stuck on a desert island' products (yes baking on a desert island would be essential!) or more realistically, if I had to use these products and only these products forever these are the ones I would choose. 
The beauty industry is growing at such a fast pace. Trends are changing on a monthly basis and I can't wait too see what the most iconic brands will produce in 2017. I have linked every item so if you want to check them out just click the title of the product! I would love to read or watch your 2016 favourites, please leave links in the comments below!
Happy new year! 
Hannah.  x


I am definitely one of them ladies who has a million and one foundations but still quite havent found 'the one' (this does exist right?). This is the only foundation which comes close to quite that and I knew I had to mention it as foundation is such a staple part in my makeup routine. This foundation has a pretty high price tag but I totally understand why, the Luminous Silk title combines perfectly with the product. It has a medium coverage, hydrating, glowy finish although is oil free which works perfectly for such a wide variety of skin types, especially my dehydrated yet slightly oily in my T Zone skin! With it being a medium coverage and buildable, it still manages to just look like skin. I see this product floating around social media and I totally get why, it just works every time, no matter what skin day your having! 

Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder
I have been using this powder for a couple of years now and I have always returned back to it. I use this more to bake areas of my face, especially under my eyes rather then all over as I find that gives the best result. It really does make the skin have that very flawless, smooth, bright look and for someone who has a slightly oily t-zone its perfect to keep you looking matte throughout the day. I was a little worried about getting that white cast with flash photography but I have never had an issue with it at all! Again this powder just works and I'm yet to find a translucent powder which gives the same result when baking your makeup. I am loving the look of the RMCA no colour powder so I think thats next on my list to give a go! 

Makeup Geek Eyeshadows

I only purchased my first Makeup Geek shadows around 8-9 months ago (yes, where have I been?) and I haven't bought an eyeshadow from any other brand since. Everyone ranted and raved about these shadows but I never knew if they were just sponsored by Makeup Geek which made there opinion on them warped. They almost have a velvety texture which you can really feel if your using your fingers to apply the product on the lid. They blend so beautifully and the colour range on these are phenomenal. The only flaw I would say with these shadows is with the matte textures they have a little more fall out then I expected, especially the colour Mocha. Never the less - I have already made a second order and can't wait to complete my Z palette!

Benefit Hoola Bronzer Powder

I worked at Benefit for 2 years before I started working for MAC and this is a product which I have used pretty much every single time I do my makeup. Its such a versatile product. Its got a cooler undertone to it which makes it perfect for contouring the skin although has the perfect amount of warmth when using it on the forehead & cheeks for a bronzer. I also love using this as a transition shade for a smokey eye or even just using this in the crease with a little bit of mascara on to give some depth. I am constantly seeing this product pop up in the beauty industry, with it retailing for £24.50 and it seeming to never run out its worth the price tag!

Becca X JaclynHill Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Champagne Pop

Becca & Jaclyn Hill well and truly smashed this collaboration although I mean, of course they did its Jaclyn creating a highlighter. This highlighter is perfect for pretty much every skin tone, it looks almost dewy on the skin and doesn't give the look of a chalky or too glittery highlight. I love using this under the brow bone and inner corner of the eye too as the apricot-gold shade of the highlight looks beautiful on the skin. I mean there isn't too much to say about this, who doesn't love this highlighter?

Urban Decay NAKED SKIN Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer

Again this is a product which I only discovered this year but it well & truly pushed my MAC prolong wear concealer out the bag. I loved my prolong wear but I was finding my self mixing it with essential oils to give my dry, crapey under eyes some hydration! It is such a lightweight product but gives a high amount of coverage. Its definitely buildable and doesn't cake up when layering on. I find the best way to use this is with a damp beauty blender using it back and forth under the eyes to create a really flawless look. I can't wait to try the correctors next, I have my eye on the pink one!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel

This is a real staple product for me wether I'm using this full glam or a 'no makeup-makeup day'. For someone who has pretty erratic brow hair which likes to go in all different directions by 11am this works perfectly. It doesn't leave the brows crispy but really holds them where you comb them into place. You can purchase this so easily in the UK, especially now Anastasia website is UK based now, hallelujah! (Although where them liquid lipsticks at?!). Its a gooden and I am yet to find one which works so well which has a cheaper price tag!


Thats a round up of my Makeup 2017 Favourites, and god it was hard! I have completed a little series of my 2016 favourites including my skincare & haircare favourites which will be up next Sunday! 

Whats your 2016 favourites? Leave your links below! 

Thankyou so much for reading,

Hannah.  x

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