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Sunday, 8 January 2017

2016 Skincare Favorites

"Skin first, makeup second, smile always" 

2016 was definitely a challenging year for my skin. In the very beginning of the year I was finally diagnosed with adult acne. I had nothing but problems with my skin for years, breaking out pretty severely on my chin area constantly. I would think that the spots were finally going then BAM, a swarm of red, angry volcanos on my face, it weren't pretty! No makeup would hold to it, I was always super conscious of the texture of my skin when makeup was on and being a makeup artist my self it really knocked my confidence. I did get prescribed antibiotics and a strong cream to use which well and truly worked wonders for my skin and I totally changed my diet. I slowly weaned my self off the medication and these are the products I have used ever since. My skin has been the best its been since I was around 16 years old and I couldn't be happier and more confident that these are the products (and my change of diet) which made that happen...


Clarisonic Mia 2

I truly believe this has had such a positive effect with my skin. Its pretty scary with how much more makeup gets removed after you feel like you've got the majority off with your hands in your pre-cleanse. With it having a pulsating, moving bristles (300 movements per second) it really works at removing any excess makeup but also taking away any texture or dry, flakey areas on the skin. It has 2 different speeds depending on how abrasive you want it. I tend to use this 3-4 times a week and after use I will always ensure my skin is megggaaa hydrated as I have pretty dehydrated skin and I do find it strips it slightly. This leaves your skin feeling super clean, fresh and smooth and your makeup sits on a dream the day after. Its such a staple in my skincare routine!

Kiehls Avocado Eye Cream

I remember purchasing this eye cream around 4-5 months ago, opening it up and being pretty surprised with how thick the consistency is. You need such a small amount of this which in result means it lasts forever. Due to under the eye being almost 10 times thinner then the rest of the face and the eye contour constantly moving throughout the day (10,000 times a day aproximatly) I have always remembered eye cream is so essential. The under eye is like an elastic band, the more it stretches the looser it gets (aint no one got time for them crows feet). I use this every evening and every morning as I do find under my eyes are pretty dehydrated, this is also probably because I very rarely get thirsty. I almost have to force my self to drink water throughout the day...thats definitely one of my new years resolutions is to drink more water!

Aveda Intense Rich Cream

Every evening I need something super hydrating after cleansing as my skin tends to feel pretty dry and dehydrated. This is such a rich cream and a little does really go a long way! As you saw in my 2016 Haircare favourites Aveda is a brand I love and trust. I have tried a lot of there skincare and this is the product really which really stands out for me. Super hydrating, super light on the skin. The perfect cream to use every evening before bed!

Tea Tree Toner Water

Ive been using this for a couple of years now and its a toner which always makes my skin feel extremely fresh and clean although keeps it hydrated at the same time. I have tried so many toners to which many leave my skin feeling very tight and lacking in moisture. Im a bit of a cleansing freak and I really enjoy using this every morning and evening. Due to it being Tea Tree its an antibacterial as well as it also has essential oils in it which I found were a perfect combination for my problematic, complex skin type. Its cheap and perfect for your everyday toner!

Clinique Take The Day Off Balm

This is something that I tried at a friends house and I absolutely loved. I love the thick balm texture which melts of the makeup, even my extended play mascara and waterproof brow gel! I use this strait onto dry made up skin then use a warm, wet flannel to wipe off. I find that it just gets rid of the bulk of the makeup before doing a deep cleanse after. I havent come across one makeup product this doesn't melt off, its such a quick and easy product to use every evening. I have heard that coconut oil does the same so I will be trying this out next too. Have you used to coconut oil method before?

Strobe Cream Goldlite

I use this each and every single time I do my makeup as well as when I'm with customers as I find that radiance and iridescent look it gives to the skin makes any foundation over the top look beautiful even on dry or dull looking skin (basically my skin every morning). MAC have released 4 new shades of the Strobe Cream, giving an iridescent glow of colour to the skin. The Goldlite is my favourite, giving a golden glow all over. I always apply this product using my fingers and really work this into my skin, using this as my moisturiser of choice every morning before makeup.

8 Hour Cream
Ben bought a pack of Elizabeth Arden products for me for christmas which included the 8hr range and I'm LOVING them. The trusty 8hr cream really does stand out from the rest and is of course a very popular product in the beauty industry. I get such dry lips, especially this time of the year so I do tend to use this as more a lip balm, although when going to the Elizabeth Arden counter the adviser explained how this can be used for pretty much every skin concern you have. Including dry, flakey areas over the body, cuts, grazes, cracked lips...the list goes is endless! I think its a pretty multi use product which I think is why its such a good seller!

There is a round up of my 2016 Skincare favourites! I loved doing my little series of 2016 Favourites for my first couple of posts. My post on Wednesday will be a little something to get to know me better. Please leave your links below so I can check out your blog too.
Thankyou for reading, Han.  x


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