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Wednesday, 11 January 2017

50 Random Facts About Me

I saw this post & video floating around and I have always found them pretty interesting! I some how, after a long time thinking and drinking not one, but 2 hot chocolates I figured 50 pretty random facts about me. I thought it would make a change from whats my favourite beauty products, or if anything get you to know me slightly better!
Here we go...

1. I am the worst, worst texter-backer EVER. Yes, my friends constantly tell me this and I just seem to read my message, think in my head I will reply in 2 mins, then forget. Whoops. 

2.  Im a libra and I think it represents me perfectly!

3. I have a 3 year old son named Isaac and he was the best surprise I ever did have! 

4. I worked at Look Good Feel Better for the day doing a masterclass & doing the makeup for 21 ladies who have lost there hair due to cancer treatment. It was by far the most amazing part of my career. 

5. Chocolate is my favourite, favourite food. I don't ever get that sick feeling from having it. Total chocoholic. 

6. I very very very rarely drink alcohol, I hate the taste and it makes me want to throw up! 

7. I am so allergic to cats & horses to the point every time I go to my mother in laws I have to have an antihistamine & have my inhaler at the ready! (I puff up like Bloat the puffa fish in Finding Nemo)

8. I know pretty much every, word to Titanic (it never gets old). 

9. I have never been to a concert (although I'm dyyyyying to go see Justin shame).

10. The day Whitney Houston died, I felt a part of me did too. Her music was my absolute, favourite and I still blast her music now!

11. I moved 300 miles away from where I grew up 4 and a half years ago to be with my partner in Devon and it was the best thing I ever did. 

12. I never, ever fake tan. I just can't do it! NC15 born and bred. 

13. I don't eat meat or dairy. 

14. Isaac is vegetarian and drinks soya, almond or nut milk rather then cows milk. 

15. I have been friends with my best friend Lauren since I was 15 and we talk every single day without fail. 

16. It is a lifetime dream to go and see The Bodyguard at the theatre. 

17. Myself & my partner Ben brought a house in November after 4 years of saving, wahhhhooo! 

18. Habbo Hotel & Neopets used to be my life. *Bobba* ha

19. Im British although I hate tea & coffee (and I'm pretty terrible making them too according to friends and family...)

20. Mexican food takes up 99.9% of my diet. 

21. I watch youtube pretty much every single free time of my day, including in the shower. 

22. I like to think I'm an extremely loyal person. 

23. This is taking a lot more thought then I thought it would...

24. My favourite colours are grey and white although Ben constantly tells me that these aren't colours they are shades...hmm

25. Im such an emotional person, any type of 'Soldier coming home' or 'Telling my husband I'm pregnant' video on youtube, I'm a goner. 

26. Im fascinated by the mind of criminals and would love to do a Criminology course at Uni. 

27. London is by far my favourite place to go, whenever I see the London sign on the motor way I get super, super excited! 

28. I work at MAC & when I walked into there store for the first time 3 years ago, I made it my goal to work there. A year and a half later I was employed! YAAAAAS

29. I like to think I work extremely hard towards my goals and aspirations, if I want something I will work my ass off to get there. 

30. My favourite holiday was America with the whole of Bens family in 2013 before Isaac was born & Mexico last year on our first family holiday. 

31. Canada, Greece & Italy is in our next holiday destinations. 

32. I am absolutely terrified of lifts, I refuse to go in them no matter where we are! When Isaac was in hospital I used to walk up 24 flights of stairs, and 24 flights stairs down, everyday. Killer. 

33. I absolutely love makeup shopping online, although hate clothes shopping online! 

34. I truly believe loyalty is the most important thing to stand by in life. 

35. Im still totally scared of the dark and if Ben is ever away with work I will sleep with Isaac next to me and the landing light well & truly ON!

36. I love crispy/burnt food. The thought of soggy food makes me gag! (especially in the sink eeeughhhh)

37. Im pretty sure I put on a stone over Christmas...them Yorkshires though

38. I would love to go to Paris on valentines weekend! 

39. I would also LOVE to go to New York in winter and go to the Friends cafe! coughcoughben

40. I have a serious phobia of sick...if I see someone be sick, or smell sick I can not be around them...poop doesn't bother me though?

41. My phone is attached to me all the time, I'm pretty sure I am borderline addicted to it

42. Doing the washing is something I'm obsessed with, although any other part of house work...nah 

43. I hate the thought of going out and mixing with tons of people I don't know. 

44. Im such a home lady, I love being at home with Ben & Isaac and the thought of going out in the freezing cold is just a no from me! 

45. I find doing my makeup extremely relaxing (until that damn wing goes cray)

46. When I was younger garage music was my jammmmmm

47. My bottom half of my body is so much bigger then my top, no matter how much I work out! 

48. Spin with extremely loud music is my favourite gym class. 

49. I get extreme tiredness, some call it laziness...I call it...ok not sure probs just lazy 

50. I either don't do my makeup at all or go all out with it, there is no in-between! 

I made it! 

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