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Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Kylie Cosmetics Royal Peach Palette - Review

The Kylie Cosmetics Royal Peach Palette has been on my wish list ever since those  shadows were swatched on her arm in her snapchat story. The pigmentation seemed stunning and I had to try these out for myself (like every other new product - whoops). There is so much to say about this palette. Where do I even start...? 
"Your secret weapon to create the perfect Kylie eye, comes with 12 pressed powder eye shadows that can be used together to create Kylie's favourite look, or customise your own."

I want to start by saying that I really like Kylie Jenner and I truly believe her passion for makeup is real. I can only imagine creating your own makeup line being one of the hardest things to get right, especially when under so much scrutiny by billions of people. 
Considering her makeup line is one of the most popular selling makeup lines in history, selling out every single time she launches a new product. I would have expected more from the product. I also don't think this palette is anything like the Two Faced Peach Palette which is still on my list to get! 

My initial thought when opening that beautiful lid was IT. STINKS. Like, literally (excuse the pun) of chemicals/paint. So much so it took me back slightly and I thought there must be something wrong with it. I kept giving it a good old whiff and nope, that smell ain't going nowhere! I started to worry if this was just my palette and typed it in on youtube 'My Kylie Palette...' and all of a sudden, tons of videos popped up 'My Kylie Palette stinks of PAINT/CHEMICALS/DEATH' etc (death being a little dramatic but hey). People were chucking it away and taking the palette apart. Was it the packaging? The shadows? I don't think we will know what the source of the smell is but it made me think do I really want to put these shadows on the most sensitive area of my face (damn right I do but you get me right lol). I wasn't impressed with this and to my knowledge, KylieCosmetics haven't commented to anyones concerns about it. Some peoples palettes don't smell at all, so it is a total mystery. 

In regards of the range of shades I think Kylie did amazing. I would have loved to have had a highlighting shade in there but non the less I love all the colours she has put together, you can create such versatile looks and I think the shades compliment each other perfectly. 

In terms with pigment, I'm disappointed. Kylie says these shadows are creamy but I disagree. The pigmentation is no where near as good as my Makeup Geek shadows. I like the matte shades and they blend well. On the other hand the shimmer shades are chunky, glittery, lots of fall out and in particular the shade Duke (top right) is awful. That shade has absolutely no pigment to it what so ever to the point where I genuinely think this shade must be faulty. However I do think the consistency of the quality of the palette varies which is a shame. 

One of the things I do really like about the palette is that it comes with a brush which is really similar to a MAC 217. I think its great that Kylie has listened to her customers and a brush has been included in the palette. 

Palette - $45.00 which = £35.70 + Shipping $14.95 which = £11.80 
= £47.50
+ Import Customs Fee £16.00
= £63.50 (shizzzz *hides this post from Ben*).

The packaging is made of a thick cardboard which has a magnetic seal. I feel this has been well made and durable. It has a large mirror inside which I love as well as a small blending brush. 

Where to purchase
I would only ever purchase Kylie's makeup range from (click here) . 

Overall, I love the idea of the palette, the range of shades and the formulation of the matte shades which I will defiantly continue to use. I also really like the brush and the packaging. I don't think this was worth the £63.00 I paid though and looking back I wish I stuck to my instinct which all started when I got such a poor service when I purchased all 3 Glosses. Its such a shame that the product isn't consistent and I hope that Kylie takes on board all the issues with her products. After all a makeup line will always be trial and error! 

Hannah.  x


  1. Great review Hannah - I think there are much better palettes around in the UK for a fraction of the price but kudos to KJ - she knows her brand!

    1. Thankyou Lainey! I definately agree, I almost feel like this was a slight waste of money. She sure does and she seems to be doing well. Hopefully she will listen to the concerns and feedback from her customers! x

  2. Loved reading this Hannah! Really interesting and you have a fab writing style that I could read pages of! xxx

    1. Aw thanks lovely! Thats honestly so kind, you must start one! x

  3. I've seen so many people say that it had a bad strong chemical smell, such a shame.

    EmmysBeautyCave | Blog Header Designs | Instagram

    1. I know it really is, the smell was so off putting. The smell has died down slightly now but its still a little worrying! x

  4. Great post! Now I must have this gorgeous palette!!! Wow, the shades are so stunning!

    N, xoxo. |


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