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Sunday, 1 January 2017

The reason behind the blog...

Since I can remember I was always the one in the school with the UGG Boots sneaked on and too much Bourjois Clubbing mascara. From a young age I always had a niggle in my mind that the beauty industry was something I longed to be able to be apart of, although growing up I never thought it was sufficient enough to have as a career. Living around people who were taking such a different directions in life I seemed to think that I should be striving for 'more'...

I made one of the biggest decisions of my life coming up to 5 years ago to move 300 miles away from where I grew up and start a new chapter of my life with my partner in the South West of England. There were many lonely times where I felt extremely isolated not knowing anyone and becoming a new mum, although thats where my love for all things beauty arose. After being in the beauty industry for the last 5 years and working for a iconic company which I only ever dreamt of working for, I'm surrounded by influential people daily, lots of them people being online via social media. My social media platforms are filled with bloggers, youtubers, makeup artists etc every minuite of the day, in awe at what they do. Interacting with people all over the world with such similar interests as them is something I have always been fascinated about. 

I set up a blog many years ago and never returned to it. Having a young child whilst spending an hour plus at the computer daily without the tug of your jumper, needing to get copies amounts of bribing goodies or turning the telly from Peppa Pig to Fireman Sam every 5 minuets, I did find my self putting the blog to one side. Now my son, Isaac is 3 and I finally have one day a week too my self whilst he attends nursery and I have a day off from work. I have dedicated Mondays to Blogging days!

After countless hours of googling (and dreaming) about HTML codes, I've finally got it up and running. I will post every Sunday & Wednesday filling out with Makeup, Fashion and lifestyle posts. In terms with photography I really want to ensure I get the camera right. If anyone has any recommendations on cameras for photography as well as filming please let me know. Unfortunately my iPhone camera will have to do for now whilst I continue to research - after all natural sunlight, a trusty bit of wallpaper and an iMac is all you need!

I hope you enjoy reading,

Han.  x

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  1. Proud of you, just keep going! Wish you good luck on this beautiful journey! xx


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