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Thursday, 19 January 2017

Too Faced Hangover Primer - Review

I have never really been a lover of primers. I have pretty much had every one that claims it minimises pores, smoothes texture, hydrates the skin although prevents oil, although I have never really noticed a huge difference when using them. 

When buying a product I find there is always 4 things you should always want to take into consideration. The Product, The Price, The Packaging and where to Purchase...

"Silicone Free, nourishing primer with coconut water. It hydrates, smooths and brightens skin for a dewy, healthy looking finish. Too Faced is formulated without Parabens, Sulphates & is a Cruelty-Free product!"

My Skin Type
I get a little oily in my T-Zone, mostly on my chin area although pretty normal/dehydrated everywhere else.

The Product 
I am constantly seeing this primer in a lot of 2016 Favourites so it was something I really wanted to try out. 
I instantly noticed the scent of this primer, it smelt just like coconuts which of course, is a dream. It felt so fresh and almost cooling on the skin. The consistency is like a lightweight cream although once rubbed into the skin it just dissolves leaving a beautiful glow which feels super hydrating. It also leaves such a radiance on the skin without feeling too thick or heavy and once blended in with my fingers it left a slight tackiness which I felt was a perfect base to hold foundation too. 

The Price
Hangover Primer 40ml - £27.00
Travel Size Primer 0.68fl oz - £15.00 

The Packaging
I think the packaging was designed well and love how it had a pump to ensure you disperse the right amount of product. Its sanitary, has a lid and feels durable for my makeup bag. 

How To Purchase 
You can now purchase Too Faced online at ( where you can get Click & Collect too save you from postage, or next day delivery. 
You can also purchase this online at although always check delivery. Click (HERE) for information on shipping to the UK.

Overall I finally feel I have found a primer which I really love. It does everything it says on the packaging as well as making your skin look luminous, glowy and ensuring any dry areas on the skin are hydrated and undisturbed. I can definitely notice the smoothing aspect of it as I have a little texture around my nose which it sat over well. It holds makeup beautifully on top. I really believe this is worth the price tag, well done Too Faced!

Have you tried this primer before? 
Thank you so much for reading,
Hannah.  x


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  1. Thank you for this! Super helpful, I didn't actually realise they did a travel sized version so I think I'm going to pick that up, false economy but at least I can see if I like it without spending nearly £30. I think the trouble with combination skin is that everyone is so different, fingers crossed I will love this just as much as you do!

    Jodie /


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