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Sunday, 15 January 2017

TOP 10 Makeup Brushes

Before I started working on my first makeup counter 3 years ago brushes were something I would never want to buy, especially not high end ones. I never really understood the hype and spending £20+ on a makeup brush was never really an option for me. Because I hadn't used a higher quality brush I never really new the difference and thought my foundation brush from boots would do the job.
Makeup Brushes are such an investment, they are expensive and it takes some saving or buying one a month to get your collection up but it really is worth getting the right ones. The quality of the brushes are instantly noticible and they have really changed my application of my makeup. The better quality brush the better application. I feel like having the right tools on the job you can do anythaanngg!
I have linked all the items, just click on the brush name and it will direct you to where you can get hold of them...


Sigma are well & truly known for the amazing quality of there brushes, its a place where if you have the money to buy some, you really should. A couple of years ago the well known YouTuber Megan Leigh collaborated with Sigma to launch her top 6 favourite Sigma brushes and I thought it was the perfect time to splurge on them. This flat top kabuki brush was part of the collection and was by far my favourite brush. Its perfect to buff in your foundation for a full coverage as its so dense and the quality of this brush is amazing. It almost looks brand new every time I wash it and have never known it to shed. Its my absolute go to foundation brush and in the 2 years I have had it I haven't found one quite like it since. Its love.

MAC 135 - £35.50
My friend & I always call this the 'Desi brush' as Desi Perkins was the one who introduced this too me. Working for MAC this brush has got extremely popular and I always had a feeling it was because of her shouting it out on YouTube with the trusty Give Me Sun Mineralise Skin Finish powder. It has a flat, paddle shape to the brush so you can really chizzle out the cheekbones, or turn it vertical to really blend and buff the product out. I love using this on the forehead for bronzing as its so flat you can be so much more precise where your applying the product. Its an expensive one but once its in your brush pot I'm sure it will be your favourite too!

I have had this brush for ages now and again its something that I always pick up for my blusher. It has an angled shape to it which makes it perfect for blusher and its super soft to give a really blended out smooth transition. Perfect for pressed or loose powders on the face too. I also use this for bronzing if the Desi Brush is out of action (aka haven't washed it in waaaay to long).

I was so reluctant to put this in as really as I feel this is a love hate brush. I will be doing a blogpost about my experience with Morphe brushes as that's a whoooleee other story.
This brush is supposed to be a blending brush...for the eye, god knows how as its around the size of my eye! This brush does NOT feel that great on the skin and since washing it it has totally frayed and gone out of shape (as seen on photo below). Although the pros to this is that is applies highlight beautifully. It picks up my cream highlight and applies it on the skin really gently as it has frayed so much without disturbing the powder underneath. I have tried other highlighting brushes like the Real Technique setting brush & the Mac 133 although I do find them both too dense and doesn't do the job quite like this. I have my eye on the Anastasia A23 brush...

I picked this up when I saw PLouise using this underneath the brow for that 'Instagram Brow' look. I use this for so many different aspects of my face when doing my makeup. Not only is this a concealer brush, I use this to clean up my brows, neaten the edges of my lipstick and sharpen my wing liner with concealer. Because its so dense and small it works so well cleaning up and perfecting all aspects of your makeup. This kind of brush is something that when you start using it you notice such a different in the little details of your makeup to make it pristine! Its the little details that make such a difference with flawless makeup.


MAC 224 - £23.50
So the saying 'Blend until you think you've done enough, then blend some more' is so beyond true, blending with pretty much every product in your makeup routine, not only your eyeshadow is so essential to give that really flawless, soft & defused look to your makeup. Not only is this a brush which I will use every single time I do my own eye makeup but clients too, I also love this product for blending in concealer under the eyes. Its almost so fluffy it just distributes any product which isn't wanted. If I'm using this for the eyes I never, ever put any product on this brush and use it purely for blending out the edges of my Eye Shadow for a really buffed out, diffused blend. Its a total staple for me at work and at home!

MAC 217 - £20
Who doesn't have, or heard of a 217? This was my first brush I purchased from MAC and its an all rounder. Its perfect for a quick, subtle swipe of product across the lid, perfect for blending out the edges of your smokey eye or more precisely applying product in the crease. I also use this to blend my foundation around my brows if I have done them before I have done my makeup. Its a must in your brush collection!

ZOEVA 234 - £9.00
Everyone needs a trusty, flat, small dense brush to pack on your eye shadow, pigments or glitter on the lid with as little fall out as possible. This kind of brush is essential for starting out with eye makeup as it just does the job. I will sometimes spritz a bit of Fix+ on this brush when applying shadow for a more metallic look to the lid colour, or also use this to smudge out shadow on my bottom lash line. I love using this to highlight under my brow or inner corner of the eye too!

ZOEVA 317 - £8.00

I have had this for 2+ years, just repurchased another one and it pretty much looks exactly the same as the new one. It doesn't fray and its pretty sturdy to get a really precise brow line when using brow product. I also love using this for winged liner. If you struggle with liner I would highly recommend using an angled brush as you can stamp on the liner to the eye for a more accurate, sharp line! I got this brush in the 15 set on BeautyBay.

706 BDELLIUM TOOLS - £6.50

I literally got this as my free gift on BeautyBay as I spent waaaaay to much on Blackfriday (don't tell me this was just me?)! The brush is so tiny so doing your gel liner is so easy with this. I always rest my elbow when doing eyeliner for a steady hand, map out the wing first, then drag it back to the lid. Its so small that with a little practice your bound to get that wing perfect in no time.

Is there any brushes which you love that I should try? I'm always on the hunt for new brushes! Leave your comments below.
Thank you so much for reading,
Han.  x

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