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Sunday, 5 February 2017

GHD Curve - Review

I was super lucky to receive a GHD Curve from my boyfriend for christmas and it really has become a staple hair tool of mine. I really do trust GHD as a brand, especially as my original GHD hair straighteners are still going strong when I bought them during the no eyebrow, Dream Matte Mouse stage (wow, that was almost 10 years ago!). I am a 'don't brush my hair everyday', kinda' girl. I love the bedhead, messy look. I most probably look like I've just strolled out of bed, but hey who has time to brush there hair when winged liner is way more important? 

Since bleaching my hair I very rarely put heat on it, infact I cant remember the last time I actually straitened my hair. I love the tousled, loose wave look rather then a full on curl and this does just that. I of course got my inspiration for this little baby from my amazing hairdresser. I loved the curl it created and even a couple of days after it still held the loose wave. I only ever had a wand which created too tight curls for me and I ended up feeling like Chucky from Rugrats! 

The Product
I have pretty much grown up having GHD hair products so I knew these were going to be good. Everything about this wand screams luxury. It has a flat oval shape barral wand which is 38mm - 28mm which creates the most perfect, loose curl. Its super comfortable to hold and has a built in safety stand so you can sit it up whilst doing your hair without burning the table (guilty)! I love how it has an Automatic Sleep Mode which goes into action every half an hour for them dreaded days you go to work asking your self if you turned off the wand or are you going to burn your house down? We have all been there! GHD products have a 2 year guarantee which I think is essential for a product which is pretty pricey. 

Strait after curling without brushing out.

After running my fingers through the curls once cool.

The Price
Look Fantastic have £22.00 of the wand at the moment (click here) to purchase the wand for £98.00. have £20 off everything on there site, (click here) to purchase the wand for £100.00. 
I get the feeling you can always get a deal on GHD products. Most of the websites I looked at had money off so always do a little research before to ensure you get the best deal! 

The Packaging 
The wand came in a long box which had a plastic insert holding the wand in shape. It has a swivel cable which I love! This ensures the cable swivels when you turn the wand to prevent the dreaded knotted up lead. Unfortunately mine didn't come with a glove.

Where else to purchase 
Look Fantastic 
Feel Unique 

Overall I absolutely love the GHD curve. Its something I can see my self using a lot for not only special occasions but for work too. I always let the curls set and cool down, then run my fingers through them. The wand gets super hot so I only tend to hold the hair on the wand on the hair for around 5 seconds which makes it super quick to do the whole head. Its the first wand I have found which gives that perfect loose curl without it being too curly and over done. For someone who is hair-lazy like me, this is the one for you! 

Hannah.  x

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