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I have finally started my blogging journey, 3 years after I pushed that *Sign Me Up* tab on Blogger. I never quite thought that it would have taken me this long but hey, here I am. Better late then never right? 

My name is Hannah, I am 23. I have a little threenager named Isaac and himself, his dad & I all live in Devon, the Southwest of England.  I currently work part time at MAC Cosmetics and it really is such a dream. Since I moved half way across the country with my partner 4 and a half years ago there was so many times I felt extremely isolated and lonely and thats when I discovered my passion for youtube, blogs & all things beauty. I started interacting with people over social media talking, listening and watching content about a topic which inspires me, I have always wanted to create that same content and give my little bit into this crazy world of social media. 

I really hope you enjoy my posts. All my social media links & contact details will be on the right hand side of my blog & in my contact page. Please leave me your links to your blogs or youtube channels so I can check them out!

Thankyou for visiting my blog,
Han.  x

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